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By conducting and submitting the report, I agree to following terms:

* I understand that my compensation as an independent contractor for this mystery shop assignment requires that I conduct the shop visit according to the client required guidelines provided in my shop log and that I upload any required validation (for example, a receipt, photo, geo code, brochure, business card, etc) to this report.

* I am not an employee or former employee of the Confero client company that I shopped. I do not know, nor am I related to, anyone who works for the company or location I shopped or for any of its direct competitors.

* I will keep all information about this assignment confidential, including the survey questions, the project format, the client guidelines I followed and the results I reported.

* I understand that Confero, Inc. assumes no liability for services I performed during this assignment.

* All the information I have provided on this report is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false or inaccurate information on mystery shop report constitutes fraud, which may cause harm to Confero and its clients and for which Confero will pursue all available remedies.

* The Confero supplier payment schedule is published
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